Mildmay Uganda Lab Personnel

Our Laboratory Services

Internationally accredited by the South African National Accreditation Systems (SANAS), Mildmay Uganda Laboratory offers specialized tests and is a backup to Central Public Health Laboratories for Viral Load

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MIHS Nurses

Our Approach to Impacting Lives

We model low cost high impact health interventions and solutions that trigger local capacity to make systems work for health service delivery

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Our Impact Belief is that

When women and their children are healthy, they get time to do their business and improve their household livelihood

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Our Impact Reach

Our proven low cost high impact health interventions are reaching nearly 4.5 million people of which 2.5 million are children and adolescents

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MILDMAY UGANDA in under 3 Minutes..

Our Vision

To equip Communities to effectively respond to HIV and other priority Health Issues

In a nutshell..

"We’re a Centre of Excellence that models Quality and Sustainable Health Prevention, Care and Treatment, using a Family Centred approach; together with Training and Research..."

Our Mission

"Modeling quality and sustainable prevention, care and treatment of HIV and other health priorities, using a family centered approach; together with training, education and research.”


It all starts with a desire for a better life..

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