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  • Mildmay Uganda Laboratory gets International accreditation
  • Mildmay Uganda launches a 30- year Master Plan to evolve into a modern not-for- profit teaching hospital
  • Mildmay Uganda receives one acre land donation
  • Dr. Siobhan Crowely Visits Buwama Health Center III
  • Mildmay Institute Of Health Sciences inaugurates First Guild Leadership team
  • Mildmay Uganda Participates In the Sickle Cell Awareness Campaign
  • Mildmay Uganda young people participate in the youth Beauty Pageant
  • Mildmay Uganda participates in the candlelight memorial day 2017
  • Saving lives of young girls
  • Placement Of The Manchester Medical School Students At Mildmay Uganda
  • Safe Male Circumcision To Reduce The Risk Of HIV Acquisition Among Men
  • Mildmay Uganda Participates In The URA Health Week 2017

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