Mildmay Uganda NGO will implement QMS to improve process in the areas of medical services, efficient Recourse management, Health system strengthening and strategic information. This will be guided by 5 core principles; Customer Focus, Staff Capability & productivity, Operational Efficiency, Execution and Accountability. Implementation will be aligned to the ISO 9001:2015 QMS Standard; national policies, standards, guidelines; and internalpolicies.

Management and staff at Mildmay Uganda are committed to:

  1. Ensure service delivery in accordance with the local, national and international quality standards.
  2. Provide timely services that will embrace continual Quality improvement to exceed customer requirements.
  3. Provide Quality healthcare services using a process & risk based approach.
  4. Maintain and utilize strategic information to influence decision making and policy development.
  5. Enhance Operational efficiency, through mapping and tracking of process, efficient resource management, Staff competence and productivity across theorganization.
  6. Integration and interaction of process’; across departments where planning and performance management frameworks include strategies to meet the QMS Objectives.

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