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Mildmay Uganda continues to generate a lot of patient data from over 125,690 clients ever enrolled in care (80% and 20% through the District health system strengthening and main site direct care, 12.1% are children, 66.4% are female, 70% are on ART. This has attracted research interests at Mildmay Uganda especially in the Medical, Behavioural, Social, and Economic aspects including infectious diseases, Non Communicable Diseases, HIV and AIDS, opportunistic infections, mental health, disabilities, HIV Associated Non AIDS (HANA) conditions and other comorbidities, laboratory diagnostics, adherence, discordance and cost of care.

On average, the Research Center receives four applications monthly from a wide range of researchers including universities, ministries, local and international agencies as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students. We have a well-established electronic and physical bulk databases and medical records system. An electronic data mat (centralised storage) has just been completed for all data on the Mildmay Uganda clients’ cohorts. This has enabled the establishment of the Mildmay Research Centre to generate evidence to influence health care policy and practice.

Our Active Collaborations

No Organization Project
1 RAND Corporation Reminding Adolescents To Adhere (RATA)- To Implement 9 Month administrative supplement
Variable Rewards Incentives for ART Adherence in Uganda
Lottery Incentives to Facilitate Treatment Adherence (LIFT)”
Depression Care to Improve Adherence to PMTCT Care Continuum & Pregnancy Outcomes
2 Makerere School of Public Health  and Medical University of South Carolina International Initiative of Impact Evaluations (3ie) HIV self-testing for partners of women attending antenatal care in central Uganda: uptake and linkage to care post-test
3 Makerere School of Public Health  and  Boston Children’s Hospital, USA Linkage to Care in Ugandan Fisher folk Communities
4 Boston University Improving ART Retention and Adherence in Uganda: The WiseMama Study. Improving ART retention and Adherence for HIV exposed infants in Uganda. Wise Infant study
5 National Drug Authority Implementing a system to monitor adverse reactions due to anti-tuberculosis drugs in Uganda
6 Ministry of Health and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Integrating screening and management of Hypertension into HIV care and treatment in Public Health facilities in Uganda
8 Makerere University META Project. The Prevalence and Predictors of HIV – Associated Neurocognitive Disorders (HAND) among HIV Positive Adults in Uganda
9 Grand Challenges Canada and Ottawa University Utilizing HIV/AIDS infrastructure as a gateway to chronic care of hypertension in Africa
10 Victoria University Research projects to be determined
11 Hasselt University Capacity building in statics and Research Fellows (PHD and Masters)
12 Uganda Virus Research Institute - International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (UVRI-IAVI) HIV VACCINE On-going- Research and program activities
13 Dalhousie University Canada On-going Research


The research teams at Mildmay focus their energies in conducting research and evaluations to inform policy, training and practice for integrated prevention, care and treatment of HIV and emerging health priorities in resource limited settings.

MIHS Research Team during a Research Session

The research undertaken by MUg and in collaborations with other organizations has led to the generation of evidence-based information that has supported the operations of the organizations and other partner institutions.

In doing this, ensuring programme quality service delivery, efficiency, effectiveness and sharing best practices of Mildmay Uganda was realized.

Our work involves generation and dissemination of research, evaluation findings and abstracts. We also undertake research collaborations all over the world. A Mildmay Uganda Research Ethics Committee is functional to review research and evaluations policies.

Research and Ethics

Mildmay Uganda Research Center is committed to the ethical and scientific conduct of research and evaluations that involve human participants in accordance with the National guidelines. Mildmay has an active Institutional Review committee (IRC) authorised by National Council for science and Technology (UNCST). The Mildmay IRC receives and reviews research proposals for researches to be conducted at Mildmay and in Uganda with the overall intention of protecting the rights of human research participants.

Selected Mildmay Uganda Publications