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Our impact through our beneficiaries’ eyes.

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Hundreds benefit from the Annual Children’s Dental Camp

Created On : 02 February 2018 - Last Updated : 20 April 2018

It is recommended that children make a visit to a dentist at least once in a year unfortunately this is not possible in a country where dental and oral care is highly priced. Majority wait to see how critical the problem is before they make up their mind.

Barbara Aloka, mother of four was in a similar situation fortunately for her luck was on her side. “My seven-year-old twins had dental problems and it was coming to a week and I was still confused on what to do next. Luckily I heard about free dental services being offered at Entebbe hospital by American volunteer dentists and it was timely. On the first day I brought them and they were worked upon and today I brought one more for checkup”.

Barbara’s children were among the over 250 children with dental problems who benefited from a five- day dental camp held between 29th January to 2nd February 2018 by a team of Volunteer dentists from United States in partnership with Mildmay Uganda.

A team of 17 volunteer dentists through the Uganda Dental Mission led by Dr Paul Musherere, a Ugandan US based dentist spent the first days of the dental camp at Entebbe hospital providing free comprehensive dental care to over 140 children (both HIV negative and positive). After they came to Mildmay Uganda where they served over 100 HIV positive children bringing the total number of children served to 4000 since the annual dental camp started in 2004.

According to Dr Paul Musherere, the gap for oral health among children is huge and cannot be filled by individual efforts however said they will keep coming so as to raise awareness about the problem and hope for a change in the system. “There is need for someone to push for oral health to be integrated into the health system otherwise we shall keep coming to dip into small holes”. Said Dr Paul Musherere. 

He said; “children living with HIV/AIDS are more prone to dental and oral health difficulties. These children have varying opportunistic infections yet the available treatment is administered in syrup form which are full of sugars and decay the teeth”.

According to Dr Paul Musherere, his first project together with a friend started in Romania in 2003 however the children became adults and he thought of doing the same back here in Uganda as a way of giving back to his people thus choosing Mildmay Uganda.

The volunteer dentists leave the comfort of their homes on their own budgets to come to Uganda annually to provide free comprehensive dental care to children, not only to save their teeth but enable them have a meaningful life.

This year, the team had about five new comers with a new Ugandan US based pediatric dentist, Dr Grace Nantale. Dr Nantale said; “I am Ugandan and I understand our problem better than most of these people on the team. I have previously travelled to many other countries participating in similar activities but this was the best. Working well outside my office and having everything I needed to carry out the job”.

Dr Jane Nakaweesi thanked the team for their work. “We are grateful that you keep coming despite the challenges you encounter and thank you for impacting lives of the children and their families”.

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