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Who we are

We are a multi-disciplinary General Hospital that offers surgical, medical, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, psychosocial programs, diagnostics and pharmaceutical services. There are specialised clinics for, NCD- Hypertension/Diabetes; Mental Health, Elderly, Eye, and Sexual Reproductive Health services, Men, Palliative Care, Dental and Adolescent Friendly Clinics. We use a Family Centred approach to Care.

We offer Specialized HIV, Paediatric and Adolescent Health Services, Palliative Care and Geriatrics care.  Access quality and professional Care through:

  • Out- patient departments (OPD) in the General Clinics located in lower campus for General clients.
  • Out patient’s department (OPD) located in Bethany. We offer private medical services for corporate, health insurance and walk in patients to access general health care services.
  • In patient wards: We offer largely free paediatric palliative care and other chronic illness, with all patient admissions in self- contained rooms and curtain area.
  • Maternity services: antenatal, delivery and post-natal
  • Theatre services
  • Diagnostics: Lab including national back up for EID; radiology
  • Teaching and learning environment for students and health worker placement
  • Research undertaking in the hospital

General Medical Services OPD

We are grateful to the continued support from the US gov’t through CDC and Ministry of Health for their support to enable us to implement our vision of reaching communities, touching the most vulnerable in the community with affordable care. We offer a comprehensive HIV package of prevention, care and treatment services free to the public.

The package covers Antiretroviral drugs, Opportunistic infections, TB drugs and family planning as supplied/availed by the national warehouses. The Free Laboratory tests offered are HIV test, CD4, Viral load, serum CRAG, Hepatitis B and C, TB- ZN stain, Gene Xpert offered as per national guideline. We carry out HIV testing and enrolment into Care throughout the day.

Extended Hours-Clinic / Sanyu Clinic

The clinic is one of the hospital co-pay schemes because of the mixed mode of payment employed. Consultation Fees levied are a contribution towards enabling the hospital to implement the extended operations to 24 hours for seven days a week.

Maternity Services for General - OPD

We offer Excellent, affordable and professional maternity services by a professional team. Mothers can come any day of the week to enroll; we offer systematically suitable appointments according to ANC preferred clinic days. Mothers can access our quality maternity services beyond attending ANC in the general wing to support safe deliveries.

Laboratory Services

Our Laboratory is Internationally Accredited by SANAS to ISO 15189:2012 on certificate number M0607. It’s well-equipped with high Tech-automated equipment for wide range of tests and provides 24 Hours Diagnostic, Monitoring and Consultative Services to the public by a professional Team.

You can access Bacterial and fungal culture and sensitivity, Blood culture and sensitivity, Fertility hormones, Thyroid Function Test, Coagulation Test (INR/PT,APTT e.tc.), Semen Analysis, Tumor Markers, Bone Metabolism, Glyco Metabolism, Cardiac Markers and Inflammation Monitoring, Prenatal Screening, Kidney Function (B2-MG &Albumin), Hepatic Fibrosis, TORCH, Immunoglobulin, Anaemia (Vitamin B12 & Ferritin),CD4, Viral Load, EID, Complete Blood Count, ESR, Blood Group& X Match, services. We also offer Urinalysis, CSF Analysis and other body fluids, Sputum GeneXpert, Sputum ZN, Hepatitis B&C, Cryptococcus Antigen (CrAg), Syphilis Screening, Malaria testing, HIV testing, Pregnancy Testing, Parasitology, Electrolytes (Nat Kt Ct).

Our Laboratory is a backup to Central Processing Health Laboratories (CPHL) for Viral Load. Contact us on Tel: +256 758 947 645, Email: lab@mildmayhospital.com

Lab Attendant at Mildmay Uganda General Hospital

We partner with nine insurance schemes to provide health insurance. These include Liberty, UAP, IAA resolutions, International Medical Link, Jubilee, Case Medicare, Sancare, Prudential and AAR. Our Inpatient wards provide confortable and professional care in an outstanding clean and safe environment to enable quick recovery to our patients. On admission, our patients are exposed to comprehensive quality care managed by a multi- disciplinary professional team that looks and feels good.

Dr. Doreen Sekibombo

For appointments, please contact:

Dr. Doreen Sekibombo

Hospital Head / Medical Doctor
Cell: +256 (0)772 660075/0757891477