Mitigating Economic Shock for the most Vulnerable Households

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Our impact through our beneficiaries’ eyes.

Estimated Disability adjusted life years averted every year
Estimated unplanned Pregnancies Avoided every year
Estimated New Infections averted every year
TB patients treated of TB every year
Sexually active men given voluntary male circumcision
HIV positive people tested and enrolled on ART
MTCT Percentage Rate in Areas supported over 3 years (Previously at 43%)

Improving Household Income: Impact through OVC

Created On : 28 August 2017 - Last Updated : 29 August 2017

“We have become a village role model group,” Nagawa said. Every member of the group has had their lives changed. Buikwe district is found in the central region of Uganda, the district is among the central region districts severely hit by the HIV epidemic that has left many homes widowed or child headed and subsequently vulnerable. Through working with CBOs to reach OVCs, in 2014, Mildmay Uganda rolled out the self-monitoring group model by training champions from CBOs that assessed and recruited households into organized groups. The groups have implemented different projects including VSLAs and farming schemes that have since empowered households economically.

For Nagawa*(name changed to protect privacy) 46 widow and mother of 10, life has taken a positive shift since she joined a self-monitoring livelihood group of 12 households. Nagawa who also leads the group has had to adjust with the change this development has brought her way; improved house, more disposable income, friends to advise her on her businesses and her children going to school (sustainable impact). Nagawa plights in the knowledge she has gained from the trainings by Mildmay Uganda supported CBOs in Buikwe District.

We started by saving money and hording our harvest together. When prices went up, we sold our harvest and then acquired small loans to invest in our agriculture projects and small retail shops. Ours is not just a VSLA but a self-monitoring project where we all visit each member as a group and provide support and advise to ensure members are benefitting according to our plans.

Babirye 50 years and widowed, has had her life equally charged by the group. She has borrowed money to capitalize her shop and pay for labor at her farm. Her three children had dropped out of school but have since gone back to school. Our group has been so helpful and supportive; I have been able to expand on my farm that now gives me income to pay school fees. I have been able to construct rental houses out of the money from my cows that I bought using borrowed money from the VSLA. Mildmay Uganda OVC program has since 2014 graduated over 1,119 households from vulnerability

You can become part of our Impact, and help change someone's life.

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