Empowering communities with knowledge and skills to create income generating projects.  Photograph source: Mildmay Uganda.

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Our impact through our beneficiaries’ eyes.

Estimated Disability adjusted life years averted every year
Estimated unplanned Pregnancies Avoided every year
Estimated New Infections averted every year
TB patients treated of TB every year
Sexually active men given voluntary male circumcision
HIV positive people tested and enrolled on ART
MTCT Percentage Rate in Areas supported over 3 years (Previously at 43%)

Saving Lives through Empowering Young Girls

Created On : 24 August 2017 - Last Updated : 28 August 2017

Nagujja*(name changed to protect privacy) is an orphan, aged 22 years and a resident of Mijwala village, Parish ward Sembabule town council, Sembabule district. She was raised by her brother Ssekabira. Nagujja is the fourth child among seven children. She is the only one who studied up to primary seven and then was forced to get married to an abusive husband in August 2011. She conceived at the age of 15 and now has two children. Her husband used to mistreat her. He later abandoned her in a one roomed house. Since Nagujja had no steady income, she could not afford to pay rent.

“Life became very hard since i could not sustain myself through begging from in-laws. I was so hopeless and burdened. I was saved by DREAMS project supported by Mildmay Uganda that helps girls in my situation. I was enrolled in the SILC program where am saving with other group members. I have managed to start up a piggery project. I hope to become a successful business woman; I imagine that I will become one of the leading pork suppliers in Sembabule. DREAMS empowered me with knowledge on reporting violence inflicted on me by my husband to the Police. I have learnt a lot from Stepping stones and able to help others girls going through similar situations,” Nagujja narrates.

Mildmay Uganda is implementing an HIV prevention project DREAMS (Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS Free, Mentored, and Safe) a two year Initiative funded by CDC in Mityana, Mubende, Gomba, Sembabule, and Bukomansimbi Districts. The project aims to reduce the incidence of new HIV cases in girls and young women 15-24 by bringing together evidence– based approaches that address the structural drivers that increase girls’ and young women’s HIV risk, including poverty, gender inequality, sexual violence and lack of education. The Adolescent girls and young women have been empowered and influenced to adopt safer sex practices.

Nagujja is among the many girls that have benefited from the DREAMS project. Jane 18 years a school dropout from Mityana narrates; “I am now empowered to be able to bargain for safer sex with my male partners. Before, my partners could not allow using condoms but now I have acquired skills to bargain for safer sex”. Sheila 17 year old youth engaged in transactional sex shares similar experience “With the skills I acquired in stepping stones training, I bargain with my partners for safe sex but if they refuse, I let them go because now I value my life more than anything else” Florence 45 years and mother to Peace a 16 year old school dropout from Mubende district confessed “The hair I have plaited was done by my daughter and I’m impressed with her so much, I had lost all hope in my daughter because of what she was doing with old men”.

Making adolescent girls and young women Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-free, Mentored and Safe (DREAMS). Photograph source: Mildmay Uganda.

Mildmay Uganda supported DREAMS project uses the Asset Building Model to empower at risk, vulnerable girls by delivering a suite of “Protective Assets” and “Opportunity Opening” interventions. These interventions focus on building three assets: Human Assets, Social Assets, and Economic Assets.

Mildmay has reached over 8,000 adolescent girls and young women in Sembabule district and continues to empower over 26,000 adolescent girls and young women in Mityana, Mubende, Gomba, and Bukomansimbi districts in Central Uganda.

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