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Mildmay Uganda (MUg), formerly Mildmay International in Uganda, is a national Non-Government Organization established in Uganda in 1998 as a Centre of Excellence for provision of comprehensive HIV&AIDS prevention, care, treatment and training services.

Overtime, Mildmay Uganda has evolved and diversified its services specializing in delivery of comprehensive healthcare including Treatment Services; Health Systems Strengthening; Other Complementary Social Services; Health Training and Education; and Research.

About Mildmay Uganda Mildmay Uganda’s core programmes are concentrated in 16 districts of Central Uganda with support from PEPFAR through the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). In the new Strategic Plan (2013 -2018), the organization is gradually expanding its program reach in other areas of Uganda. MUg is accredited as a Centre for higher learning by the National Council of Higher Education (NCHE).

What makes us Unique

Mildmay pioneered a Family- centred approach to prevention care and treatment. This involves the use of the first a family member tested as an client index client to reach the whole family/household.

The Mildmay Uganda family-centred model has been documented and submitted for publication as a WHO best practice. MUg was indeed one of the first organizations in sub Saharan Africa to provide free HIV care to children living with HIV.

Mildmay Uganda uses a multi-disciplinary approach to prevention, care and treatment. This holistic approach focuses on the physical, social, spiritual and emotional wellbeing of a client. The multi-disciplinary brings together a range of professionals including;

Medical, spiritual, nutritionists, social workers, nutritionists, occupational / physiotherapists, to address the needs of our clients.

MUg is one of the three beacon centres in Africa – a Paediatric Palliative Care Training and Clinical Excellence Centre. MUg provides specialised paediatric palliative care and intensive nutritional rehabilitation for positive children. This is the only such facility in Uganda. In order to respond to the growing need of paediatric ART, MUg now offers paediatric palliative care training thus increasing accessibility to ART for the children.

A satellite clinic model was initiated in 2005, which utilises systems strengthening approaches in improving health services at district health facilities to initiate and strengthen comprehensive HIV service delivery capacity. The satellite clinic approach has been adapted into the MUg Health Systems Strengthening project (2010-2015) in 16 districts in central Uganda.

MUg has a transitional clinic for young people between 10 - 24 years to bridge the gap between the paediatric and adult services. The clinic has a special focus on empowering young people living with HIV&AIDS to make healthy sexual and reproductive choices.

MUg uses a work-based, student-centred and action learning approaches to training and education. The philosophy is that care and training go hand-in-hand for enhanced learning; students are given access to real patients and situations.