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Mildmay Specialized services

MUg offers a wide range of specialized services with the aim of early detection, prevention and treatment of AIDS Related Conditions (ARC) that may cause serious disabilities among PLHIV or hinder the effectiveness of antiretroviral therapy (ART) which is the most effective palliation for HIV/AIDS.

Mental health (psychiatry) service

With depression as the commonly treated ailment in this clinic.

Eye clinic

assesses for, treats and prevents eye complications associated with HIV/AIDS so as to improve the individual patient’s quality of life.

Dental care

At Mildmay Uganda is for only children because of the cost implications of adult dental care with dental caries being the commonest diagnosis at the clinic.

General clinic (private services)

Due to increasing demand, MUg recently opened up a private clinic offering high quality general health care services to the general public irrespective of one’s HIV status.
Through the private clinic services at the main site in Lweza on Entebbe Road, members of the general public, corporates can now access these services at reasonable cost. Clients who may not be able to visit the centre during the MUg designated days or those that have missed their normal visits can also utilize Wednesdays. Appointments can also be made.

In-patient services for adults and children

MUg offers inpatient services for both adults and children who need close monitoring by our professional multi disciplinary team. This service is free of charge to all our children in care however it is also available at a reasonable cost to the members of the general public who may require it. Contact us for further details.

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