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As the economies of our most trusted donors have remained volatile and other emerging global challenges have reshaped their funding priorities, the world has witnessed a sustained reduction in the flow of resources towards HIV and AIDS care.

This has led to an evident surge in HIV infections in Uganda, as well as stock outs of vital drugs to sustain the lives of poor children, women and men who need it most. In response to this risk, Mildmay Uganda runs a number of Social Enterprises to generate income to sustain the life support to children of the poor infected by HIV who need it most.

You can support Mildmay Uganda to sustain and extend this support through donations to strengthen our social enterprises, doing business or client referrals. Our social entrepreneurship services include:

  1. Private Health Care Services
  2. Hospitality Services: Accommodation, Training and Conference facilities…….
  3. Consultancy services: Research, Capacity building in health programming and healthcare…
  4. Education and Training: Degree, Diploma and Short courses in …..

For support in any of the above please contact the Business Development Manager at

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