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Quality Assurance

Mildmay Uganda integrates quality improvement (QI) strategy in strengthening the district health system in line with Ministry of Health national QI framework strategic plan. With the vast experience acquired in mainstreaming QI, MUg is among member organizations sitting on the National QI Coordination Committee.

The MUg quality assurance team has equipped over 1000 district and health facility staff in the 16 Health Systems Strengthening Project supported districts and 160 MUg staff with skills and knowledge in quality improvement (QI).

Through such mentorships and coaching, the trainees have learnt how to initiate QI projects, organize workplace environment using 5S(Sort, Set, Shine, Standardise, Sustain) approach, generating and updating of standard operating procedures, documenting QI projects.

With the skills attained, the districts and health facilities can now have functional quality improvement committees to help sustain effective and efficient service delivery at all levels by holding monthly and quarterly meetings, monitoring QI projects, providing support supervision and integrating QI in work plans and budgets at all levels

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