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As new HIV infections continue to be recorded, MUg puts emphasis on HIV prevention including other related diseases like TB, Cervical cancer among others. The entry point into care for all clients is the HIV counselling and testing point. We also test children as young as six months for HIV through the Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) and if positive, they are started on free Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART). EID services offer an opportunity for HIV positive children to access lifesaving care and for those who test negative to receive HIV prevention and support services including counselling for mothers on appropriate feeding options.

In alignment with the National HIV Prevention Strategy 2012, MUg’s interventions have been focussed on the key populations. Due to the high risk nature of businesses, MUg is reaching the Most At Risk Populations (Commercial sex workers, Fisher folks, tea plantation workers, gold miners, Boda boda cyclists among others) with integrated Outreach services. These include HIV testing and counselling, family planning, condom distribution, cervical cancer and STI management, eMTCT, and ART services.

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