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General Health Services

Occupational Therapy Services.

MUg’s occupational therapist helps patients improve their ability to perform daily activities despite the presence of any illness, disability or illness on their bodies. Patients are trained or retrained in feeding, dressing, grooming, energy conservation techniques, stress management, income generation, memory, etc. This is done to help clients have independent, productive, and satisfying lives like other human being.

Nutrition Services

Our team of nutritionists provides preventive, curative and rehabilitative nutritional care and support to all clients attending MUg clinic. This includes nutritional screening and assessment, nutritional education and counselling, dietary planning and management (Medical Nutrition Therapy), food insecurity education and counseling, supplementary feeds and intensive nutritional rehabilitation for severely malnourished children.

Pastoral care Services

Spiritual care is a strong component in the management of HIV/AIDS. The Pastoral Care & Counselling at Mildmay Uganda encourages those infected & affected by HIV/AIDS bringing back Spiritual growth when it has been seriously jeopardized by crises. Clients can be referred to any of the pastoral staff who includes a Roman Catholic priest, Anglican chaplain, Pastor for born again Christians and an Imam for the Muslims.

Physiotherapy Services

Regardless of the fact that we provide ARVs, a certain segment of our patients require healing by physical means with the aim of promoting, maintaining and restoring body function. This is usually done through Health education and sensitization, prescribed remedial exercises, developing skills of coordination, balance, strength, mobility, and endurance, facilitation of soft tissue healing and pain relief. Physiotherapy services provided at MUg include; subjective and objective assessment, planning for the clients, physical interventions at the MUg, home settings, in the residential ward on site and in the MUg supported districts.
We also support our clients to construct mobility supports and training of carers in simple rehabilitation skills at home (improvise), support home visits and follow up to monitor the progress of the individuals and training of the VHT in rehabilitation skills as these are within the communities of our clients.

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